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“The blues is the roots and other music is the fruits”
Willie Dixon (1915-1992)
Bassist, Arranger, Producer, Song Writer Extraordinaire
Vicksburg , Mississippi

In developing the MS Blues Trail, Gov. Haley Barbour and the MDA’s Dept. of Tourism, shines a spotlight on Mississippi ’s phenomenal music heritage.  Our new state slogan

Mississippi - Birthplace of America ’s Music” further celebrates this incredible asset.

 From the cradle of America ’s culture, the Mississippi Delta, you are invited to join

The Vicksburg Blues Society

Your contributions will help us in our mission to promote more Blues music in Vicksburg .

VBS Membership Application

Dues Structure

Musician     $25 Annually

Individual    $40 Annually

Family         $60 Annually

Business   $100 Annually         Don’t forget …. “Blues is Good for Business”

Patron        Your generous gift is appreciated


Member’s Benefits

Enjoy discounted cover-charges

VIP invitations to meet and greet Blues artists